First and foremost, I am so proud of our school community for its response during the current statewide shutdown that is keeping most of us at home. BG’s teachers and students have built on their experiences and used hard work and ingenuity to keep our school year moving. The patience, care, resilience and commitment displayed by all of you is nothing short of exceptional.  

Self-portrait, Emily, Class of 2020

In addition to at-home learning, many teachers, students and their families are finding ways to support our community and its most vulnerable residents during this difficult time. From donations to prayers, these efforts illustrate the true spirit of BG—we are on life’s journey together to make a difference for one another.  

To those of you with friends and family members serving in essential roles as healthcare workers, first responders, grocery store employees, food service workers, non-profit managers and others—I thank you for your dedication to keeping us safe, cared for and well-fed. They say times of crisis do not create heroes, they bring out the heroism in everyday people—this is certainly the case right now.  

Finally, I’d like to acknowledge that as pleased as we are with BG’s transition to remote learning, we miss our students, and we know they miss each other. They are missing activities, friends and their everyday lives, from the special moments to the small moments. Especially our seniors. Marauder Class of 2020, please know that we love you, we are proud of you and we are committed to giving you the recognition and the celebration you deserve.  

Alumni and supporters, we are grateful for your help in making sure BG stays strong and thriving. To support our students now and in the upcoming school year, please consider a gift today. Your commitment will assure that we can start the new year with the resources we need for financial aid and for an exceptional educational experience for grades 6-12. 

Stay strong and stay healthy. I can’t wait until we can all be together again.  


Mrs. Joan Donnelly, Principal