BG’s 2020 class hasn’t had a traditional graduation ceremony, but one standout graduate had the honor of a lifetime when he was invited to participate in a graduation ceremony at the White House.

Thanks to BG alumnus Mary Foor, who works for the Archdiocese of Washington, DC, BG was connected to the White House as they prepared for a special Class of 2020 graduation ceremony.  White House staff sought to identify a few carefully selected graduates from across the country to represent all those who are graduating this year.  BG administrators recommended Jorden to the White House for this honor and he was selected due to his impressive personal story, attitude and successes.

Jorden McClure, team captain of BG’s football team, received a diploma directly from President Trump himself, which he called “an awesome experience” and said he wished he could have taken his whole class along.

According to Jordan’s mom Robin, the White House reached out to the Archdiocese to refer a graduate for the ceremony. The request made its way to BG administrators who recommended Jorden. The White House was inspired by Jorden’s personal story and chose him for the ceremony. 

In exchange for his diploma, Jorden gave the President a gift of his own. “I gave him one of my previous jerseys which was pretty cool because my number is 45 and he’s the 45th President of the United States so that was pretty cool for me.Jorden’s family also had a special shirt made for President Trump and they hope he will send a photo of him wearing it.

The White House graduation included 17 total graduates with representatives from kindergarten, high school and college, so it was truly an incredible honor for Jorden to represent BG’s class of 2020.

Congratulations, Jorden! All of us at BG are proud that you took the purple & gold all the way to the White House!

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