We are fortunate that BG already had a solid infrastructure in place for virtual days, making the transition to at-home learning easy and efficient. In addition, our teachers regularly employ tools for at-home learning and operate their classrooms on the same online platforms they are continuing to use now. So, the learning curve for both faculty and students has been quite small, and the transition has been made with ease. Unfortunately, athletic seasons and other activities have come to an abrupt end.

Boys and Girls Basketball District Champions

Students will continue to advance through both faculty-guided independent study and live online coursework. Lessons are recorded and accessible by students later. Because teachers can simply carry on with their existing curriculum and because they know the skillsets of individual students, they can continue to create a customized experience.

The incredible commitment from BG’s faculty and staff is the driving force behind the success of this transition. In addition to their hard work on quickly ramping up to teach remotely, our teachers continue to find ways to collaborate with one another on best practices. Every week, teachers will meet virtually to seek advice, share experiences and just enjoy one another’s company.

Administrators and faculty agree that the #1 factor in making this rapid transition successful has been the existing culture at BG. High expectations among teachers and coaches hold students to high standards. In turn, students exhibit a strong work ethic and their own commitment to doing their best. The result of this mindset is that students didn’t miss a beat, despite dealing with unprecedented circumstances.

What the future looks like

Cast and crew of BG Drama Into the Woods

BG students will work toward completing this academic year. In the bigger picture, this experience may drastically change the face of education. At BG, we are already leading the effort to innovate the educational experience while relying on our core values and traditions to assure that students receive whole-person learning. Whatever happens next, BG will continue to be at the forefront of the evolution.

Anticipating new challenges

The greatest challenge we anticipate in the short-term is supporting our families who are experiencing financial difficulties. We expect the number of families who qualify for need-based aid to grow, along with the need per family. At the same time, economic uncertainty may have an impact on our EITC contributions, which funds the majority of our financial aid scholarships.

Pre-AP students presented historial research

We understand that all of us will feel the effects of the COVID-19 shutdown. If you are able, please consider a financial donation toward BG’s financial aid fund.

As this crisis continues, please know that all of us at BG are keeping you in our prayers. On behalf of our students, families, faculty and staff we are so grateful for your ongoing support.

Support families who need financial aid support due to the COVID-19 shut down.