Loyal alumni and supporters,

BG is being tested by this pandemic, which is a major challenge for every school across the country. It has not been easy to continue educating students well, so I wanted to write to you to share how thrilled we are at BG’s performance during this time.

From the inception of our school over a decade ago, the Board and administration had a vision to transform the school and create a modern, world class experience. We wanted to retain the best parts, like our close-knit community and caring individuals, then add innovations to create a world class experience. We envisioned BG using the latest educational technologies, advanced curriculum, and the best teaching methods.

Turning this vision into reality has never been easy. We have always had adversity. We started with limited funding and significant budget deficits. We had to recruit talented teachers and staff who were excited about this innovative approach. They had to develop and implement new practices and technologies while simultaneously delivering a great education for current students every year. We had to expand our base of supporters to increase donations to the school to keep it affordable for families and to meet the full financial need of any family who wished to attend.

Now the global pandemic is testing us like never before. In Spring 2020, we had to suddenly close the school building and do our best to provide for our students. We do not know what this Fall will bring, so we are planning for anything. It’s been quite a test. I am pleased to report that the vision and investments are paying off. BG, its students and teachers, are thriving! They shifted to virtual learning overnight. It went off without a hitch and students continued their studies. They are using the software, hardware, network, and best teaching practices implemented over these past years.

Our vision was for learning not to be limited to a classroom, and we clearly see this happening now that nobody is in the building – it’s virtual. Learning is continuing. Students are engaged. Teachers have adapted, and school counselors are in contact with students, providing one-on-one interaction where needed

Most importantly, the school community is still together. Although separated by space we are still a cohesive, strong school community. We miss the personal contact, but we are still connected. There is a blessing in all of this. We will never be the same. We will be better, stronger, and even more innovative.

This adversity is helping us to accelerate new developments and innovations. The best practices and most successful techniques are being shared among teachers and adopted widely. From now on, whether students are in classrooms or operating virtually, they will be able to have a connected, caring, world class experience at BG. We will never be the same. We will be better.

We also know this time has been difficult for many of you and we thank you for your support, encouragement, and donations to help the school get through this challenging time. Please help by sharing the good news about BG. We exist to make an impact on our whole community. Encourage friends to call or email to learn more about BG as an option because we have capacity. Most of all, keep us in your prayers and we will do the same.

Michael Fiore, Chair, Board of Trustees

Joseph Adams, President